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For Everyone Who Wants To Use Most Wisely

Purpose-designed, clinician-created CBD products, thoughtfully supplemented. Care always included.

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You Deserve to Use Most Wisely

Purpose-designed, clinician-created THC and CBD products, thoughtfully supplemented. start shopping

Expert Care Always Included

No more going it alone. Achieve more optimal effects, more safely. Consult with our clinical team at no extra cost. Learn more

For Seniors

You want relief and you want to be at your best. For yourself and the ones you love. What you don’t want is pseudo-science and confusion. We’re here to help you get THC and CBD cannabis products right. More responsibly, quickly and affordably.

Have questions on products, dosing, drug interactions or times of use? Call 888-823-6143 or email We’ll provide answers.

For Cancer Care

Our clinical team has deep experience in supportive oncology. We understand the symptoms you want to manage. And we understand how much richer your life can be when those symptoms are better controlled.

We’ll help you find a regimen that works with your other treatments, your daily schedule and your budget.

Our Mission

It’s simple! We’re here to end the epidemic of unwise cannabis and supplement use and bring wise use to all who might benefit. Too many people are wasting too much time and money and getting sub-optimal results. And too many people are avoiding therapies that might be helpful because there are too few responsible providers of products and care.

Dr. Brooke Worster
EO Chief Medical Officer
Director, Supportive Oncology
Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center

Smart Compounds

Our clinician-formulated products combine high-quality, non-intoxicating cannabinoids and proven supplements.

Care Included

Our team is here to help you. Call 877-777-3367 or email Or up-level your care with an eo care plan.

Priced for Everyone

We think the highest-quality cannabinoids and care should be accessible to all. So our products are affordable and care is free.



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